The Shoe Ritual

When I was a child and learned to dress myself, I’d run around with one shoe on, the other foot trailing with a sock slipping around the ankles. I’d walk with an uneven limp, and growl “yeeesss, maaassster,” like I had seen an Igor-type do on T.V., one foot elevated inside a shoe, the other […]


There is poetry in ugliness; a melody in arguments that we play in our heads, over and over; like a song whose words we forget but still mumble through the chorus; the climax on loop until I’m angry all over again, only to be outdone by sadness. I read articles where the tone makes a […]

The Static Noise of Adolescence, Edit 1

If I had to doze, I dozed after the line broke between earth and sky, as a faint bruise spread slowly and we drove deeper into the purple-hearted dawn. By the time the sun began to rise, Dad and I were driving on a two-lane highway through Pennsylvania farmland, towards upstate New York’s mountains in […]